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Don’t settle for aging, when you can recapture that wonderful feeling of youthful good health, with VitalFactors.

Imagine waking up feeling better than you have in years, with energy, great health, and a new zest for life! That’s exactly how many men and women feel after taking VitalFactors. Best of all, you will feel results after just a few days!

VitalFactors is a revolutionary anti-aging nutritional formula based on science, and designed to optimize your health with dramatic results!

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I have been taking VitalFactors and other MDR vitamins for over 20 years!  When you think I topped the charts before Elvis, and I am still active and strong at 87, you can see why I call VitalFactors my “Fountain of Youth”! 

Pat Boone

Legenday Singer & Film Star (Pictured with his friend Ed, also 87, and a user of VitalFactors for decades!)

It’s time to turn back the clock.

VitalFactors will give you results you can see and feel.  Just drop the tablets into water for a delicious effervescent drink.  Buy today to get a free gift with your order.

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HGH – A Vital Key to Aging


Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a natural life sustaining protein that circulates throughout your body, keeping your cells young and vibrant. Unfortunately, as you age, your body secretes less of this vital factor. The decline of Growth Hormone with age is associated with many of the dreaded symptoms of aging.

Dr. Daniel Rudman did a study at the University of Wisconsin with surprising results. He took 26 men between the ages of 61 and 81 and injected them with growth hormone. The men reported remarkable benefits: their body fat decreased. Their youthful muscle tone was restored. Energy and vigor improved. Even skin wrinkles were less evident as skin firmness improved.

Dr. Rudman said that HGH replacement seemed to reverse some aspects of the aging process by 10 to 20 years! The study results are published in the New England Journal of Medicine.


A More Natural & Gentle Approach to HGH

Scientific studies have shown that natural Aminopeptides called Secretagogues can coax the body into releasing its own stores of HGH. Since 1998, MDR VitalFactors used a proprietary blend of these natural Growth Hormone Releasers combined with other key anti-aging nutrients. Just one or two Effertabs in a glass of water can make a world of difference in how men and women feel. Here’s why…VitalFactors goes beyond HGH.

Five days on and two days off helps your body use the secretagogues in VitalFactors to stimulate your own natural supply of youthifying factors.

Start your journey to a better you today. The youthifying factors in VitalFactors will help you to feel and look younger. You can select a single shipment or automatic delivery, and for the best value, sign up for an annual supply to get the lowest pricing and receive a free gift. 

“I take VitalFactors and give it to my patients to promote youthful skin and good health. The only "complaint" is that it makes our hair grow so fast, we need to visit the salon more!  We love it.”

Dr. Lisa Learn

Leading Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

“I started VitalFactors and I first noticed more energy and better sleep. In a month, I was amazed to see my hair grew thicker and longer. The Doctors I work with want to use it now!”

January Howard

Aesthetics Practice Consultant, Trainer to Surgeons & Dermatologists

“VitalFactors keeps my immune system super strong! Over the years, I have run the Badwater 135-mile Ultramarathon 12x in Death Valley in July! I love VitalFactors and have taken MDR products for decades to stay physically fit and mentally sharp.”

Frank McKinney

Extreme Athlete, Author, Developer

“VitalFactors gives me the stamina I need to do business between Miami, Istanbul, Montenegro, Ephesus, New York, and more!.”

Nicole Shelley

Model Management

“Finding the love of our lives in our 60’s is a blessing. We want to spend a long time together, active and healthy! VitalFactors helps us feel and stay younger! We love the results we get!”

Sheryl and Jan

Business Owners

“My magazine keeps me very busy. VitalFactors gives me the energy and mental focus to do more in one day than ever!”

Jana Short

Best Holistic Life CEO & Founder

Just one or two Effertabs in a glass of water creates a tasty, sparkling drink that releases Youth Factors, Antioxidants, Peptides and Enzymes that signal your body to

Repair, Renew and Rebuild.

Feel As Good as You Did Years Ago!

VitalFactors helps revitalize your mind and body with results you can see and feel.
The older you are, the more you will appreciate the benefits of VitalFactors.

Risk Free Trial

Start with a 3 month supply of VitalFactors and receive the VitalFactors Anti-Aging Serum – FREE (a $50 value). This gift is your to keep – even if you return your order for a refund.


  • Enjoy Younger Looking Skin in Minutes!
  • Nourish Skin with Rejuvenating Factors
  • Diiminish the Look of Wrinkles
  • Hydrate and Plump Skin

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