Vision Formula

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Nourish your eyes with 10 mgs of Lutein plus special ingredients shown to help protect vital parts of the eye and maintain healthy vision.

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Nourish your eyes with 10 mgs of Lutein,
plus special ingredients shown to help protect vital parts of the eye and maintain healthy vision.


Medical research now shows that increasing your intake of certain antioxidants may help maintain healthy eye function by protecting parts of the eyes from free radical damage. One of the most recent discoveries in eye health is the antioxidant, Lutein, extracted from the intense yellow pigment of the beautiful marigold flower. In the fields, this pigment protects the delicate marigold petals from harsh sunlight.

Nature’s Sunglasses.
Lutein, in MDR Vision Formula, acts like an “internal” pair of sunglasses residing in the macula (and lens). Studies have proven that supplemental Lutein increases ocular levels of this protective carotenoid. This powerful healthy-eye antioxidant is contained in dark, leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach. The problem is most Americans simply don’t eat enough vegetables rich in this important carotenoid. Age also plays a role in our declining ocular levels of Lutein, which is why supplementing your diet with Lutein may be a smart idea. In fact, according to the Lutein Information Bureau, studies have shown that persons who ate large amounts of lutein-rich fruits and vegetables maintain better vision.


Phospholipids increase absorption of Antioxidant Carotenoids. Lutein (10 mg) and its isomers trans-zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin with Alpha Carotene support macula health in the retina that protect underlying photoreceptor cells from damaging UV rays and blue light. These carotenoids have been shown to also benefit the health of skin, heart, colon, breast, and lungs so they protect more than just your eyes.


Sharper Vision with Saffron!
Italian researchers found the tasty orange food extract, Saffron, can improve vision. Test participants who ingested Saffron could see an average of two additional lines smaller on the Doctor’s eye chart!

Black Currant Concentration Cyanidin-30-Glucoside helps protect night vision supporting Rhodopsin, a retinal compound that declines with age.


Take MDR Vision Formula Daily & SEE the difference!
You have made a smart choice to nourish and protect your eyes. Take one softgel each day for optimum benefits or every other day to still get some protection of your eyesight and overall health.


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