Stress Defense Performance Tabs

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Are you under stress?
There are many things that can stress your mind and body. Your diet, health status, and lifestyle can all be factors. You can be under stress if you smoke, diet, are on a diet, lack sleep, feel overworked, are involved in a difficult relationship, are working under deadlines, feel pressured, suffer from an illness or feel worried or anxious. Short-term stress can come from simple, everyday activities like rushing to work, to the severe chronic stress that comes from taking care of an ill family member.

Many symptoms can occur in response to stress: worrying; anger, inability to concentrate, mood swings, weight gain, insomnia, hopelessness, depressed immune function and even illness.

What Can You do to Handle Stress?
To copy with stress, experts recommend regular exercise, yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, plenty of rest, and check-ups with your health care provider for recommendations. In addition, avoid excess caffeine, alcohol, control your weight, and eat a balanced diet with plenty of antioxidant-rich fresh fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and strong.

MDR Stress Tabs are Here to Help.
Micro-nutrients are essential for the metabolic reactions that keep the mind and body functioning at their best. Unfortunately, with today’s lifestyle, we may be deficient in the very nutrients we need to stay healthy.  The Doctors at Medical Doctors Research developed the patented Stress Defense Performance Tabs formula with stress-specific nutrients and antioxidants. Stress Defense Tabs can help you feel your best and stay healthier when you are under stress.

Why are Antioxidants Important?
Antioxidants help stall the chain reaction of damage initiated by free radicals. In short, they neutralize free radicals before they cause damage. Antioxidants are plentiful in fruits and vegetables. The problem is, much of the food we eat is processed and deficient in optimal nutrient levels. In addition, busy lifestyles often prevent us from eating balanced meals with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Replaces Vital Nutrients Needed for Your Mind and Body
Water soluble nutrients are depleted and must be replaced during the day to keep levels optimal. The MDR Stress Defense formula is scientifically designed to provide nutrients such as:

  • B Vitamins for natural energy production; to help support your nervous system and immune function, including Niacinamide which provides precursors to NAD, with its anti-aging benefits.
  • Vitamin C for protection against free radicals and for immune function.
  • Calcium and Magnesium for strong bones, healthy nerve function, to convert food to energy and for hundreds of metabolic reactions that help you perform at your peak.
  • Natural Alpha/Beta-Carotene to help boost your body’s cellular defenses against free radicals. Selenium & Zinc to support immunity and antioxidant defenses.
  • Chromate® for blood sugar support and overall health.

Best of all, MDR Stress Defense Tabs contain a protective natural Spirulina coating and is free of dyes, fillers, megadoses, caffeine, herbal stimulants, and unproven ingredients.

MDR Stress Defense Performance Tabs provide the right amounts of the right nutrients to help you thrive during stressful times. It’s a formula based on science so unique, it earned a U.S. Patent # 5976568.  Your ability to convert food to energy, to have a strong immune system, to think at your best, to support heart function, and perform at your peak are all helped with nutrients you get in MDR Stress Defense Performance Tabs. That’s why so many of women and men are enjoying life to the fullest with MDR.

Enjoy more Energy, Stamina, Focus, and Vibrant Health with MDR Stress Defense Performance Tabs!

NOTE: Take Stress Defense Tab each day with your first meal, and if you have a very stressful lifestyle and want an added boost of vitality, take a second tablet after lunch. (If you tend to have a difficult time fallling asleep at night, avoid taking this formula at dinner or near bedtime)

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