Colostrum Immune Factors, 120 ct.

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Nature’s Most Powerful Immune Complex is Colostrum

Mother cows produce colostrum to transfer their strong immunity to their calves. 

  • Science has shown colostrum antibodies can improve human immunity also.
  • Colostrum immunoglobulins” (IgA) help protect the mucous membranes in the throat, lungs, and intestines.
  • Colostrum promotes beneficial bacteria to support healthy digestion. 
  • It contains Growth factors like FGF and IGF-1  that promote healing and cell regeneration. 
  • MDR Colostrum Immune Factors is derived solely from USA Dairies. The highest quality, it is Certified FREE of Artificial Hormones, Antibiotics, Pesticides, GMO, and BSE.

With the viral menaces that plague us today, don’t take a chance. Support a robust immune system. Take MDR Colostrum Immune Factors. Order today. 

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